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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summery gradient and stamping!

It's me again!
Summer is my favorite season and to celebrate it, I wanted to do a really bright gradient. I was kind of surprised that I didn't have any greens, yellows, or oranges in my stash. so I went to the nail supply store and ended up with OPI Need Sunglasses? (a super bright yellow creme), OPI Green-Wich Village (grass green creme), and OPI In My Back Pocket (orange creme). I used a special sponge that I got from a Konad sponging kit but any make up sponge will do the trick. Hope you like it!

Natural light

I stamped with Kleancolor Metallic Orange and BM 209. Those Kleancolor metallics are the bomb for stamping, I love them! Now I just need to get some creme stamping polishes.

Natural light

I have to do more gradients! It's so easy and the possibilities are endless. Thanks for reading!


  1. you blended the colors really well. good job.

  2. the gradient looks amazing!! it so well blended!!

  3. Yay I'm so happy! I'm getting better at sponging and love it!

  4. That's one smooth gradient! I like the color combination, very sunny :D

  5. Love that gradient! Reminds me of those fruit flavoured icy poles :)

  6. Karine You did amasing!! I love this!!

  7. Your gradient is impressive! Have you posted a tutorial on this technique? If not, could you?


    1. Hello! thank you! I haven't done a tutorial for this yet, but I will do one :)


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